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2023 Board Officers


Hometown: Bogota, Colombia

Pre-MBA Industry + Function: Venture Capital, Platform
Other Clubs/Organizations: Venture Fellows, Graduate Women in Business (GWIB), Tech Club
MBA Summer internship: Dell Technologies


Hometown: Curico, Chile

Pre-MBA Industry: Chemical Manufacturing, Business Development

Other Clubs/Organizations: Marketing Fellows, Tech Club, Soccer Club

MBA Summer internship: Tesla


Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico
Pre-MBA Industry + function: Manufacturing, Supply Chain
Other Clubs/Organizations: McCombs Ambassador Committee (MAC), Graduate Consulting Group (GCG), Wine Club, Soccer Club
MBA Summer internship: Whole Foods


Hometown: Lima, Peru
Pre-MBA Industry + function: Retail, Merchandising
Other Clubs/Organizations: McCombs Christian Fellowship, Tech Club, Graduate Business Adventure Team (GBAT)
MBA Summer internship: Dell Technologies


Hometown: Bogota, Colombia
Pre-MBA Industry + function:  Airline, Strategy & Project Management
Other Clubs/Organizations: Sports, Entertainment and Media Association (SEMA), Tech Club, Graduate Marketing Network (GMN), Soccer Club
MBA Summer internship: Dell Technologies


Hometown:  Lima, Peru
Pre-MBA Industry + function:  CPG, Marketing & Sales
Other Clubs/Organizations: McCombs Christian Fellowship, McCombs Ambassador Committee (MAC), Graduate Business Council (GBC), Graduate Women In Business (GWIB), Clean Tech Group, Center for Leadership and Ethics fellow (CLE)
MBA Summer internship: Amazon


Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pre-MBA Industry + function: Manufacturing/Energy, Business Operations
Other Clubs/Organizations: Graduate Entrepreneurship Society, Tech Club, Graduate Marketing Network (GMN), Graduate Wine Club
MBA Summer internship: Entrepreneur in residence


Hometown:  Tarija, Bolivia
Pre-MBA Industry + function: HR, Consulting
Other Clubs/Organizations: Graduate Women in Business (GWIB), Graduate Finance Association, McCombs Ambassador Committee (MAC), McCombs Christian Fellowship, Indian Graduate Business Assocation (IGBA), Adam Smith Society
MBA Summer internship: Accenture Strategy

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